Resurrection is inviting people to participate in PHASE 2 of refugee resettlement.

One challenge is (for Lutheran congregations) to sponsor 500 new refugees. It began as a refugee project in Halifax. Now, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Halifax, has brought 12 Ethiopians via Nairobi, through Canada Lutheran World Relief. The 12 have been reunited with their sister (a member at Resurrection) and her family who  came a number of years ago as refugees. Now we support our new Canadians as they settle in Halifax.

Our NEW CANADIANS are settling in! All 12 of them.

 The school age children are doing well at school and take advantage of the public library and its programs. Four of the adults have been taking English classes and are tutored on the side. The family lives as three households and all have apartments in the same building.  The men are talking about finding jobs and would like to go to community college.They attend church and add a lovely vibrancy to the community.

CURRENT FAMILY NEEDS–How your donations will be God’s love - in supporting this new Canadian family.


Refugees come to Canada by air travel.  They are given flights as a loan. Families have received their bills and have started to pay back the loan. For all of the families the cost is around $25,000. Currently he church  is paying   the monthly remitance. The church would like topay the entire loan giving the family an easier start in their new home.


In the first year of being in Canada, former refugees, have access to dental assessments and some dental work, including filling two cavities per person. The adults in the group have more work to be done than is covered. 


The grandmother of the family has some specific needs that include a few hours of attendance by a caregiver.


The family is soon to welcome a new family member.  Additional funds have been used to prepare the household, including a stroller/car seat, and a baby bed/play unit.

*Donations –  send to 2096 Windsor St., Halifax, NS, B3k 5B1 Make checks out to : Lutheran Church of the Resurrection Please print on the envelope “Refugee project” 

any additional monies in this fund willbe used for future refugee projects.